Eco Funeral Liturgy

This liturgy is a personal one, as all funeral liturgy should be. It was written for a lady who was a professed Pagan with whom we shared a deep love and fellowship. We wanted a service that honored both her faith and ours, and that of the family and friends present.

Music in

‘Gathering words ‘For I am convinced… can separate us from the Love of God’

We come here today to remember before God our sister ……..

To give thanks for her life, to commend her to God the life and love of the universe

To commit her body to be buried and to comfort one another in our grief.

God of all compassion, your son Jesus was moved to tears at the grave of Lazarus his friend, Look with compassion on your children in their loss, give to troubled hearts that light of Hope and strengthen us with the gift of faith, through the love of God Amen


Prayers beginning with the 23rd Psalm

God in All things We are beautifully and wonderfully made, the crown of creation, In our purest being reflecting the peace and joy of your unconditional love. We give you thanks for ……. For the grace and mercy that she received from you and for all that was good in her life and the memories that we treasure today.

God in all things We acknowledge the limits of our imagination as we stand before the great finality of death. We hold on to images of return, homecoming and eternal rest As we release from the bondage of our grief ……. spirit into the cosmos and her earthly body to nourish the earth. 

God in all things Our teacher Jesus leads us into a faithful life whereby perfect love drives out all fear. Look with mercy upon all who mourn, Give the patient faith in times of darkness  and strengthen them with the knowledge of your love

God in all things you are tender towards you children and your mercy knows no bounds heal the memories of hurt and failure give us the wisdom and grace to use aright the time that is left to us here on earth.  Turning to the path of love, following in the steps of Jesus in the way that leads to abundant life. Amen

Eulogy Poem if the family would like to chose one



Prayers Mary

Father God, creator of the universe, we stand in awe at the wonders of nature all around us. From the growth of a tiny seed to the mighty oak tree, a world nurtured and watered by the works of your hand. From the stars in the heavens to each small speck of sand, the sunrise, the sunset, the land and the sea. Each day we see new signs of your gift of creation.

We marvel and wonder at new life as a baby is born. Cocooned in safety in the mother’s womb, then cradled and treasured in her loving arms, and nurtured with love. You give us the joys of family and friends with whom we can share our hopes and our dreams, our pleasures and our fears, as we travel together along the journey of life. Help us to share together our joys and our sorrows.

We give thanks for our homes and gardens, and think especially of Jan’s skills as a gardener, and the pleasure it gave her. The flowers she chose for beauty, the sweet scents of lavender and herbs to welcome the butterflies and bees. Her enjoyment of the song of the birds, and watching the squirrels leaping between our gardens. We give thanks for these and other beautiful memories of such a special friend and her connection to nature through nurturing and caring for her garden. All this a part of your on-going creation of new life, new growth, and new hope for the future.

To every thing there is a season. A time to be born and a time to die. . . . As the seasons turn into years, the pattern of life and growth continues, an everlasting circle of growth and renewal. We are all on earth for a season, cradled and loved in the arms of our heavenly creator God from before our birth until our time on this earth is ended. As we trust that the unborn baby’s needs are met whilst still in the womb, so we trust our creator to meet our needs as we move on from this life that we know, to the new hopes and new life beyond our earthly confines, and to rest in your eternal garden of love, cradled in the palm of your hand.


Words of Commendation

We commend to the great mystery of God, our sister …….

All that she was and is, all the years that we shared with her,

the good we saw in her, the love we received from her.

We have but a short time to live,

Like a flower we blossom and the whither,

like a shadow we flee and never stay.

In the midst of life we are in death

Give us the strength and courage to leave …. in your care

confident that Love is unending and eternal and is our one true home.

Possible 3rd Hymn

Music out, 

To the graveside Committal

We have entrusted the soul of our sister ….. to Gods mercy and now we commit her body to the ground, earth to earth,ashes to ashes, dust to dust, In the sure and certain Hope that life has meaning and worth in eternity, caught in the abundant cycle of life of which we are part.

Support us, Oh God all the day long of this troubleous life, until the shadows lengthen and evening comes,  the busy world is hushed,the fever of life is over, and our work is done, then Our God, in your mercy, grant is safe lodging, a holy rest, and peace at last. Amen.

Celtic Blessing to end

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