The Eco Church award

Churches complete the unique online Eco-Survey about how they are caring for God’s earth in different areas of their life and work. The answers a church provides will collect points towards an Eco-Church Award (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – the more your church does for the environment, the more points you get!

There are 5 areas of work:

  • Worship and Teaching
  • Church Buildings
  • Church Land
  • Community and Global Engagement
  • Lifestyle

You can save your survey responses and return to update them as the church completes the actions!

In order to qualify for an Award you must attain the required standard in each of the areas covered by the Eco Survey that apply to your church. You can see when you have gained sufficient points in each Eco Survey category by looking at the points gauges that appear on screen with the Eco Survey questions. The gauges will change colour as your points accumulate to reflect the level of Award you have achieved.

If all the relevant gauges turn bronze, you have achieved a Bronze Award; if they all turn silver you have achieved a Silver Award, and so on.

Sample questions


* We have set sufficient targets for reducing the carbon footprint of our church premises and achieving year-on-year improvements in energy efficiency: Yes/ No

* The electricity supplied to our church premises is generated from renewable resources and/or charged according to our supplier’s ‘green tariff’:: Yes/ some/No

* The disposables (e.g. paper cups and plates etc.) used on our church premises are: Never use disposables / Occasionally use disposables /Biodegradable /Recyclable /Non-biodegradable /Need to find out

Community and Global Engagement

* Our church organises events providing an opportunity for local people to engage with local leaders on local environmental issues (e.g. local MPs, AMs or council leaders): At least annually/ Less often/ Never

* Our church (either alone or as part of a local network) organises environmental awareness-raising events (e.g. film evenings, Fairtrade events etc.): Yes/No


* The land at our church is managed for the encouragement of native wildlife (birds, animals and plants) Yes/No

* We encourage native wildlife on our church land through provision of the following: Bird Boxes/Bat Boxes/Bug Hotel/Hedgehog Boxes/ Other

* Stocked wildlife feeding stations are present on our church land (e.g. bird feeders, bird tables): Yes, all year round/ Yes, winter only/ No

* Our church land contains a pond or wetland area that is good for wildlife: Yes/ No


* Our church funds are ethically invested (e.g. current account and/or investments):Wholly/ Partially/Not at all/ Need to find out/ Not applicable (no funds to invest)

* Practical lifestyle tips and advice on caring for God’s earth are included in our church newsletters/on our church website: Regularly/ Occasionally/ Never/ Need to find out

* As part of our life together, the members of our church undertake an environmental lifestyle audit: At least annually/ Less often/ Never/ Need to find out

What A Rocha says about themselves

We are a Christian organization engaging communities in nature conservation A Rocha responds to the global crisis of biodiversity loss by carrying out community-based conservation projects. Through residential field study centres, site-based projects and wider advocacy,

A Rocha: Carries out ecological monitoring and research in areas of high value for wildlife; Spearheads practical measures for conserving and restoring habitats and their fauna and flora: Encourages appreciation of nature and participation in its conservation, through environmental education and community outreach; Provides a forum for understanding the relevance of the Christian faith to environmental issues. Our first initiative was a field study centre in Portugal, and so our name is Portuguese and means ‘The Rock’.

Click on the link below for the Eco Church web site

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