Great suggested Prayer App from Ruth

 I just wanted to share with you the app I use for personal prayer as, in the absence of normal services, groups, meditations etc, others might also find it useful who don’t know about it. It comes as a podcast or an app. It’s called Pray As You Go and is produced by the Society of British Jesuits, so uses the lectio divina style of Bible reading. On the podcast you can download a week at time (I think) and you get a daily reading with music – it’s read twice, with questions, music and comments in between. If you get the app you get a load more stuff –  extra stuff for lent, advent etc, and also about 6 different versions of the Examen prayer, which I find lovely and really useful. I’ll attach a link here if poss: this is their wed site….

…… or just go to your app store or podcast provider. I think people could probably listen on the website if they don’t do podcasts/apps etc.
love Ruth xx

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