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An Eco church double spread for Summer

The driving ethos behind eco church is the desire for the church to be active in the world, following the way of Jesus in our real lives and a hopeful, creative vision for the future. It is about speaking out for justice and lives renewed by the simplicity and love that Jesus taught us. It is about doing something, making a difference and supporting each other in our desire to build a world of justice and beauty for all.

It seems that we are on our way to achieving our Gold Award for Eco church at St Helens as so may things are now up and running and ‘boxes have been ticked’.This is a considerable achievement and it is proving to be great fun and inspirational. We have surveyed our churchyard, we have created a natural recreational space (labyrinth), and we have created a regular Eco church meeting. We have put things in the Parish News, attended fayres and gone on Lobbies to London and we have an active web site ( We are praying for the earth and its natural habitats and some of our liturgies and special services have that focus,

The things we have yet to achieve are. Checking our cleaning products are eco friendly, and tea and coffee are fair trade and looking into ways to reduce plastic use and bulk by organic food. Looking into native tree planting (were, what and would St Helens school be interested?). Making Bat Boxes, Bird Boxes, Bug hotels and hedgehog boxes. Inviting speakers and looking at our personal environmental ‘footprint’ and thinking about digging a pond, (where and how and what design). We are also looking at Loaf and locally campaigning for a reduction in sing use plastic.

LOAF…. One of the Eco church commitments is to promote LOAF food… that is Local, Organic, Animal friendly and Fairtrade. Something thing that is becoming evident is that the UK needs to think again about its food production and as a nation of gardeners it is terrible that over half of our food is imported. There is a growing interest in local small scale food production here on the Island and on educating school children in the art of horticulture with free green houses for schools (from APS Salads) and small scale intensive agriculture (from the Modern Kitchen Garden) and eco church is part of the networking and that strengthens our local food economy. Follow updates on the web site.

Action on Plastic… As part of Eco church we are also committed to campaigning for environmental issues. The following campaign has been initiated on the Island and is something that you may be interested in joining. Follow updates on the web site and watch this program if you want to be inspired

On the Last Saturday of the month from 9.30 to 11.30 at Supermarkets around the island a peaceful and hopeful protest will involve removing the packaging from your regular shop and putting it in trolleys at Customer services. Bring your reusable containers for the food you buy with you and take part. The first event was in Sainsburys in June and stimulated lots of positive reaction and interest.

The next opportunity to be part of this is on JULY 27th at TESCOS from 9.30 to 11.30… SEE YOU THERE!


Sunday 28th 3.30pm Eco Church. Gather at the church and walk to the beach at the old church on the Duver (or drive down and meet us there) for a 4pm Sea Service on the beach with storytelling, fried fish and bread and sea baptisms with our new archdeacon Ven Peter Leonard presiding


Sunday 11th10am Eco Sunday Communion followed by Eco church 11am to 12pm A walk round the churchyard to look for places to plant trees and dig pond and place animal homes. Wildlife management plan.

Sunday 25th 3.30pm Eco Church Making animal homes


Sunday 8th 10am Eco Sunday Communion followed by Eco church 11am to 12pm Stephen Dominy Regional co-coordinator for Christian Aid to preach on the environment followed by a discussion about how we can he involved and connected to global environmental campaigning. Putting the animal habitats in place.

Saturday 14th Ride and Stride walk through the Haven Benefice visiting the churches, Beginning at Yaverland Church at 10am

Saturday 21st and 28th Community Apple pressing days (TBA)

Sunday 22nd10am St Helens Harvest Festival and3.30pm Eco Church. The food we eat… looking at LOAF and fair-trade and a possible food coop If any of the above interests you or you have skills or time to offer then please do contact me. Ali on 07500007437

Whatever else eco church is, mainly it is about US doing all we can.

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