The Easter Dawn service

6am – Easter Dawn Service.
8am – Communion with breakfast.

All earth is awakening,
resurrected, renewed and revived
Life and Love,
God in Jesus is with us.
Death is not our future
, Christ is risen, Alleluia Alleluia

Creation stories round the fire from 4000 million years of life on earth and the ancient biblical stories

In the beginning……

Father God, Mother God,
By the energy of creative love you have brought all things into being, continually creating and restoring us, making us in your own image,
sharing in our humanity that we may share in your divinity.
We contemplate your creation; the darkness of the night past, the light of the dawn, our birth in the waters, all alike sustained and restored by your presence.

Silence as the Pascal candle is lit

We light the Candle of the Risen Christ that God may illuminate our flesh and our minds, our hearts and our imaginations.
May the light of Christ shine in the dark and the deep places of your being, and the darkness wherever we may meet it, that the Way may be followed until we all greet the Great Dawn with joy.

Fresh and salt water from the sea are poured (1. Freshwater carrier, 2. The storyteller, 3. Saltwater carrier)

1. Here is the water of our survival day by day, drawn up as from a well.
2. Here are waters that were broken to give us birth
3. Here is water of raging power, of tidal wave and destroying flood
2. Here is water of the Jordon river, rite of passage from slavery and oppression to the freedom of the promised land.
3. Here is the water of chaos and the creatures of profound unknown, the roaring wind and fearful silence
1. Here is water that is the simplest gift to the thirsty and that washes the weary travellers feet.
2. Here is the water of dying bearing us across the ancient river
3. Here is water that purifies, scours and cleanses us of all that is toxic.
1. Here is water that springs up in barren ground to our unexpected joy

Our profession of faith

In times of belief and in times of doubt, in times of assurance and in times of perplexity, in times of presence and in times of absence, human beings in all their variety have come to recognize the divine mystery and desired to grow in the ways of love, to embody that love in intimacy and justice

So we whisper our trust…..
That we and all human beings and all that is being created,
are dearly loved by God for ever;
That in Christ we are freed from the powers of
oppression and fear, of evil, pain, and death;
That we are are called to follow the Way of Jesus,
embracing the outcast with friendship and
renouncing the ways of worldly power,
at whatever cost and wherever it may lead.
That the Holy Spirit empowers us and guides us
on that Way

Let us take to ourselves again our baptism in Water,
In the name of the Creator, the Life giver,
The Father-Mother of us all;
In the name of the redeemer, the pain-Bearer,
the Son
In the name of the Sanctifier, the love-Maker,
the Spirit.

All earth is awakening,
resurrected, renewed and revived
Life and Love,
God in Jesus is with us.
Death is not our future,
Christ is risen, Alleluia Alleluia

May Christ, who out of defeat brings new hope and a new future fill you with his new life
And the blessing of God
Father Son and Holy Spirit be with you all, evermore

We go back for breakfast.

Material adapted from Common Worship, New patterns for worship and ‘Darkness Yielding’ (Cotter and Percy)

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