One of the Eco church commitments is to promote LOAF food… that is Local, Organic, Animal friendly and Fairtrade. One thing that is becoming evident is that the UK needs to think again about its food production and as a nation of gardeners who have a very keen interest in growing it is terrible that over half of our food is imported ( www.countryfile.com/news/can-the-uk-feed-itself-after-brexit/ ). There is a growing interest in local small scale food production here on the Island and on educating school children in the art of horticulture with free green houses for schools (from APS Salads) and willing volunteers to help. Follow updates here on this site

The Modern Kitchen Garden in Ryde is growing veg on a small scale in Ryde using the methods of Jean-Martin Fortier and with a scholarship to his program http://www.themarketgardener.com . Francesca and Oliver are enthusiastic collaborators in Eco church and passionately want to share their belief that growing vegetables is rewarding, and commercially possible. A future Ecochurch outing in August could take in a visit to their holding with food in the field if there is interest (let me know). I know that many of you are passionate about growing yourselves but if you have gaps in your production or would like a regular veg box then see the attached Price List from them…. they are overwhelmed with veg! 

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