Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren is an american Pastor, theologian and activist who has written many books and speaks eloquently about the possibility of a church that is fit for the 21st century. We will be using his thoughts as a basis for our Theology Group next year but for now do enjoy this pod cast, I think he is inspiring.

I wrote the following email to Brian and got the lovely reply…….

Dear Brian, I am a vicar if four Anglican Parishes on the Isle of Wight England and I am a radical theologian… I hope a ‘theologian to come’ as Jack Caputo would say … and building, with others, a deconstructed church!!In our search for an authentic socially radical expression of our faith we have been moved by creations call for justice and have found that Ecochurch motivates us to live our discipleship and a provides a fascinating forum for challenging our theological roots. We recently listened to your blog chat on EcoCiv and thought it was great and I will be putting a link on our web site blog. ( ) I have followed you for many years and found your work enormously helpful as way to introduce people to new ideas. You write with clarity and accessibility and next year we will be studying ‘A new kind of Christianity’ as a year long study course that I am putting together (using a chapter a month that I will augment with video and questions and answers, I hope that is ok) I am getting in touch because I wanted to show you what we are up to! I think that we are doing something exciting and new, it is a delicate thing, a deep deconstruction while at the same time retaining the structure. This allows for multiple re-imaginings, an open ended exploration of our ecclesiastical gathering, a demythologisation and a new mythos springing from the ancient roots. In many ways it is not new at all as a thought, but we are trying it ‘on the ground’. Thoughts and ideas are great, ‘the podcast listened to in the car’ as you described it, can change our minds but then it is our personal interactions, our lives, that bare the witness. Many of us are reducing our internet consumption and are doing real things as you also well stressed in the pod cast.So this is the real thing that we are doing, documented in the web. I would really like for you or one if your team to have a look and a listen of a sermon or two ( they are of varying quality and specific to the congregation in front of me) as we are looking for encouragement and connection. We hope to be just the third southern England Gold Eco Church award parish this year and we are only just beginning. We see Ecochurch as a new distinct brand, a radical theological and activist expression of faith.. but we are tiny. A word if encouragement would be wonderful Please listen to this sermon on my pod cast (just an Anglican 12 mins!) …. you so much for all you do,God blessAli 

Brian McLaren <>Tue, Nov 5, 6:19 PM
to Andrew, me

Alison – so sorry for the long delay in responding. What a great website, and what a joy to hear about your church! I’m copying Andrew Schwartz of EcoCiv so he’ll know about your good work.
I was especially interested in your liturgies. Please keep me informed as you develop earth-friendly liturgies. This is so needed!Warmly and gratefully – Brian

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