Community Apple Pressing 2019

We have had the apple press for a few years and last year the addition of the ‘scrattler’ made our apple pressing day with some of the home educated families on the Island really good fun. This year we thought it would be nice, and very much in the ethos of ‘Ecochurch’, to have some community apple pressing days.

Pictures speak a thousand words and they show the process and the lovely community activity that it is. We all got a sense of how much manual activity (now all mechanized) was required to produce the juice that we take for granted. The physicality of the process and the realization that ‘many hands make light work’ was the essence of it all. I had been tempted to get a large press that is operated by water pressure and an electric scrattler, as I have seen it done this way at other community events. But we have decided that the manual scrattling and pressing is part of the joy of the activity. This year Colin, who came to the Brading pressing, made us the wonderful ‘scrattler stand’ that was a godsend at the St Helens day and next year I will buy another manual press as that is the slowest part of the process….. so yes there will definitely be a ‘next year’.

The first afternoon was in the glorious sunshine at Brading when we met new friends.

Then as we knew it would rain we set up for St Helens the next week in the church

An then there are a few really cute pictures for you as Sophie the puppy comes to say hello and finds it all just too exciting.

Some of us feel that the the most eco-friendly way to preserve the juice is not to freeze it and use all that electricity but to be a bit more medieval!!!!!……..


Thank you to everyone who donated apples and muscle to this… see you next year


Don’t forget that we will be gathering in a Ecochurch Winter Solstice service on Sat 21st December at 5pm in St Helens church to witness the beginning of longest night of the year, to eat apple cake, to share spiced apple punch, to drink our cider (and maybe judge the best!), and to give thanks for life we have and the community we share at the turning or the year.

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