Ordinary Theology

This phrase is used to describe the God Thinking that goes on among those who don’t have theology degrees! It is an idea developed by Prof Jeff Astley and examines the of doctrines of the church and what people actually believe about them and his research at present is limited to those in the Anglican church.

The Haven Ecochurch fresh expression of church recognizes that in order to come to a truly integrated and well developed theology that includes the earth then the historic doctrines of the church may need to be reinterpreted. For example at first thought it may not appear that the doctrine of Original Sin has anything to do with integrating the scientific ideas of evolution into our theology, BUT… if the doctrine of Original Sin is dependent on there being and Original Sinner, ‘Adam’ … well you can see that there may be a problem here!

The study groups and book groups in the benefice don’t shy away from such difficult questions and this part of the web site will be a gathering of ideas from the many conversations that we have. It will act as a document to show how we have traveled as we search together for an ‘ordinary’, grass roots, Eco-theology for the 21st century.

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