Home Education for a time like this

This is from Francesca my daughter

I know many of you will be worrying this weekend, about what the next weeks will look like without school. Oliver and I home educate and I couldn’t recommend it more. Having been home educated myself it is second nature, but I know that the idea of having the kids around all the time can be daunting. Do get in touch if you have any questions!

( you can email her through me revamorley@gmail.com}

My ‘top tips’ would be… 1. Give them the ‘gift’ of boredom. Don’t feel like you have to entertain them every waking moment. It may take a few days…. or even a week but gradually their imaginations will kick in! 2. If in doubt go outside! 3. David Attenborough on @netflix ! 4. Audible! @audible are offering free listens for kids. 5. Don’t feel like you have to offer ‘school at home’ they will learn from just engaging with you. Let academic work be self led!

Tessa age 5 learning a new skill

And this was posted on a friends site….

Home schooling does not need to “look like school”. Children spend the first few years of their lives learning by observing the world around them so we don’t need to “teach” them anything as long as we provided them with the tools to learn. Having home educated or “self led educated” for 18 years I can honestly say that it is not as difficult as you think.
Children are naturally curious and inquisitive. Just give them the tools to explore and let them CREATE, CREATE, CREATE. Creativity is the tool by which they discover and birth new ideas.
There are also lots and lots of online tools for “education”.
Enjoy the time with them and just let them pursue their passions. This time can be turned into a positive outcome

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