Coffee Mornings

Are coffee mornings gatherings of the elderly over coffee and cake or are they subversive counter cultural hot beds of eco-piracy?!!

I want to make the claim for the second idea. Looking round the church run community coffee morning this week I spotted, recycling and reusing in abundance. The stall holders are creating art from scratch and from remaking from things that are thrown away, there is encouragement for knitting and sewing and the Refill Station is proving to be a popular addition.

We are thinking how we might extend this by encouraging more stalls along the same theme and maybe an area with sewing machines for mending and advice for those who are unsure how to go about it. Maybe someone could offer advice on knitting?

With this is mind we will be having a…..

Workshop Afternoon after the St Helens Community Coffee morning on Saturday November 30th from 12 to 5pm

….with Soup and tea and cake. We will be making wax clothes and shopping bags from old clothes, knitted soap bags and decoupage.

So it is time for a whole new generation of subversives to hijack coffee mornings…. families are very welcome.

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