A Home Agape Service inspired by the Iona community.

The Iona Community believes that worship is more than a religious service in a consecrated building. We believe that in all we do, we are- or should be- honouring the maker of heaven and earth in whose image we are made.

At the centre of our faith is the affirmation that God not only made the world but loves and loved the world. This is witnessed to in the Hebrew and New Testament scriptures and is celebrated, endorsed and epitomised in the incarnate life of Jesus. His ministry was not primarily to the religious establishment of his day, but to and for the world. And it was sometimes to the distress of the pious that he highlighted the significance to God of marginalized people– particularly women, the poor and the abused– and matter of public and private practice regarding issues such as money, race, and what makes for peace and reconciliation

From the Iona worship book introduction.

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