part of… “The interdenominational award scheme for churches committed to promoting and engaging in sustainability, care for the environment, and social justice.”

This fresh expression of church recognizes that our care for the environment has, for many of us, a deeply spiritual root and The Haven Benefice Eco Church initiative is developing new ways to pray, to gather and to worship that reflect contemporary science and theology.



This website is no longer updated. 

However, it remains a wonderful archive of the work that took place between 2018 and 2022, when Rev Ali Morley was priest in charge of The Haven Benefice.

Please go to:

for our current activities, events and projects. 




For many people there is a desire for the church to speak with reason and passion, to make sense in a scientific world and to inspire action and hope.

This initiative begins with the work of A Rocha and the interdenominational Eco Church movement and goes further. It asks, ‘What would theology be like if evolutionary science were taken seriously? What would worship look like if it arose from our deepest spiritual roots of the connectedness of all things? What would the awareness of God in All Things mean for our social action? How can the radical and counter-cultural teaching of Jesus be followed in the 21st century?’

So The Haven Eco Church is much more than just adding an environmental layer to what we already do. It is about connecting our faith to a 21st century world view, to immediate environmental concerns and to the changes in our lifestyles that will be needed in the centuries to come. It is about engaging with contemporary theology, rediscovering hidden treasure from the past and finding a way to speak of God that is beautiful and reasonable in our services and witness to the world.

The Haven Eco Church is rooted in the life, teachings and meaning of Jesus – seeing him as the unparalleled teacher of peaceful and ethical living. It is also rooted in the ancient Hebrew texts and New Testament Gospels while reading them with contemporary eyes. It is a beginning, a work in progress, a living ‘ordinary’ grass roots theological movement as we try to find a new level of authenticity for our faith. It honours the ancient doctrines and creeds and interprets them anew for this millennium.

It is a gathering and an idea, an Event.

It is also, of course, chat and tea and cake and tending the Labyrinth and making bug houses. It is campaigning for a better, fairer and greener world, and loving God with all our heart, mind, strength and creative imagination, and loving our neighbour as we love ourselves; as God loves us.

Sermons are found on the podcast below,

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