Rev Lucy Winkett, ‘What do you believe about yourself and the world?’

I have been looking for insight for these times from people that I respect and admire in the church and I was surprised to find very little. It seems that for many thoughtful priests rushing to video has not been the priority and there is silence from the most prophetic voices. It is possible to find lots of ‘business as usual’, all be it in a virtual forum, but for those who have been seeking to embed their faith in the ever changing ‘real world’ the pace seems to just be too much! In three weeks so much has changed that I suspect it will take many of us some considerable time to rediscover how this impacts on our faith and our beliefs. This void is actually reassuring for me and it is what I am hearing from many of you….. there is a pause.

I do not think that our church services and worship, even the language that we use or the ways we pray will, or should, be the same. There are huge riches for us if we allow this time to disrupt everything shallow and trivial within us and I have faith that this will strengthen our deepest and truest beliefs so that the Way of discipleship of Jesus will become clearer…. but we have to wait.

I found this video from last year as I was looking earlier and I wanted to share it because in her wisdom I can see that Lucy has something to say for this time. It is the address to a conference of busy, entrepreneurial people embedded in a trajectory that has shattering before our eyes. Wisdom is proven when we ask, ‘Are these words still true today after the huge upheavals we are experiencing?’ I think yes…….. Her questions on belief are well worth our consideration today.

God Bless, Ali

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