Planting trees with the children

We had a dream that we wanted for each child, as they entered school, to have an opportunity to plant a tree. It grew into a project that has been a lot more difficult than we first thought . . . but we persevered.

We had such a lovely time with the children of St Helens school this week, planting trees. It has been a steep learning curve for us all, an exercise in quick learning for the team. We have learnt a lot about trees and planting the seeds, we have had to have a long view and create a convenient place to protect them and grow them on. Thanks go to all the team: Helen, Rose, Liz and Fiona. It was a huge effort and I think that we really do have a package to offer other schools and to repeat with other children next year. For me . . .very much not a teacher . . . it was a chance to see the experts at work and to get dirty in the rain, which I very much enjoy.

Thank you so much to this lovely little school. We very much look forward to working with them again.

Liz Fletcher made this beautiful poster to use with the children

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