Plastic Awareness at Ecochurch this Sunday 25th from 3.30pm

For so many people the issues around plastic are really becoming vivid and we are committed as an Ecochurch to raise awareness, to help ourselves make fundamental changes to the way we shop and view our waste ….. and to have fun in the process! So this week we will be focusing on the following.

Plastic Attacks on Supermarkets to raise awareness

We will be making a large Dolphin to take to these events and covering it with non recyclable plastic. The frame is made, we need your skill in weaving and your plastic! Please bring any non recyclable plastic from your bins!!

The gallery below highlights how easy changes might be if a shift in priorities were to take place. Francesca is cycling through France as a challenge and to raise money for Bikes for Refugees and this is what she has seen in the supermarkets there….. less packaging and less plastic and what there is appears to be more recyclable…. a step in the right direction and doesn’t it look beautiful?

The Coffee morning refill station

We will be designing how this will work and cleaning off glass bottles for reusing and designing the stall. We will also hopefully be making bees wax wraps and thinking about other products that we could make.

How to shrink our footprints

We will also be discussing over soup and rolls how we can work towards a smaller personal footprint. Sharing ideas and resources and encouraging one another.

Follow this link to find your footprint

See you there……

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