Christmas services in the Haven Benefice

St Marys Brading

The churches of the Benefice offer something for everyone this Christmas so don’t feel that you have to just stick to the village you know. Each service is lovingly created to welcome everyone and to set the tone for the season of Peace and Goodwill for all people. From the majestic splendour of St Marys in Brading, to the intimacy of St Johns Yaverland, and with Candles at St Helens, and traditional carols with the Choir at St Peters Seaview, the Benefice is working together to invite you to something lovely this year.

Sun 1st The Vine St Helens 7pm Light up life
Fri 6th St Marys 7pm Christmas Trees Concert

St Peters 7pm Light up life
Sun 8th St Marys 2pm WI Carols
Sat 14th St Marys 6pm Light up life
Sun 15th St Peters 10am Carol service

St Johns 3pm Carol service
Sat 21st St Helens 5pm Solstice service
Sun 22nd St Marys 9.30am Nativity Eucharist

St Helens 6pm Carol service
Mon 23rd St Peters 6pm Carols round tree
Christmas St Peters 3.00 Christingle
Eve St Marys 4pm Christingle

St Catherines 6pm Family carols

St Helens 9pm Evening mass

St Marys 11.30 Midnight mass

St Peters 11.30 Midnight mass
Christmas St Catherines 9am All age Communion
Day St Marys 9.30 am All age Communion

St Peters 10 am Christmas Praise

St Helens 10am All age communion

St Johns 11am All age communion

All the services are open for everyone, but if you would like a service for younger children then look for the Christmas Eve Christingle services and the Community Carols Round the Tree at St Peters on the 22nd – when Father Christmas makes an appearance. All ages can enjoy the Christmas Tree Festival and the singing of the Community Choir on the 6th, and the Light up Life services for the Hospice are carols, poems, food and fundraising for everyone. On the 22nd, the morning Dress up Nativity at St Marys gives you a chance to get the tea towels and dressing gowns out and be part of the fun service and for an atmospheric Candlelit carol service – with an area for smaller children to play. Then St Helens on the 22nd at 6pm is the place to be, for the carol service. St Catherine’s Family carols, on Christmas Eve, mixes tradition and imagination, and Christmas Praise at St Peters on Christmas Day, is a service for children – with the communions on Christmas day having places for small children to move about, or things to do.

On the 21st we will be celebrating the longest night with a Solstice service in candlelight, with no electricity, as we experience the darkness of this turn of the year. Bring torches or lanterns and all ages to this short service with songs and food.

This year we are also having a 9pm ‘Midnight Mass’ at St Helens for those of you who, because of children’s ages or for your own convenience, find staying up till 12am difficult. All the atmosphere of midnight service at a comfortable time.

We look forward to seeing you,

God Bless


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