1. Our church has appointed an individual or group to champion the cause of our church community becoming more environmentally sustainable:


2. Walking and cycling to church services and events is promoted in our church


3. The reduction of car use is encouraged in our church:


4. The members of our church receive encouragement to undertake a personal carbon footprint audit:

At least annually

5. Our church encourages members to reduce their personal energy consumption:


6. Our church encourages members to limit their waste by adhering to the principles of reduce, re-use, recycle:


7. Our church hosts activities and/or events that facilitate the recycling and/or reuse of goods (e.g. clothes swap events or ‘give and take’ schemes):


8. Our church operates a communal Christmas and/or Easter card scheme among the congregation:


9. Personal use and consumption of Fairtrade and/or ethically sourced goods is promoted in our church:


10. Our church encourages members to use food at home that is LOAF (Locally grown, Organic, Animalfriendly, Fairtrade)


11. Our church runs or partners with other organisations in running a food cooperative that enables members to bulk buy ethically sourced produce at wholesale prices:

Yes we have access to a Suma wholefood buying group

12. The ethical investment of personal savings is encouraged at our church: No

13. The ethical investment of church savings is encouraged at our church: No

Not applicable (no funds to invest)

14. Practical lifestyle tips and advice on caring for God’s earth are included in our church newsletters/on our church website:


15. As part of our life together, the members of our church undertake an environmental lifestyle audit:

Less often we haven’t done this yet but we will.

Extra notes……

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