1. Special Sundays relating to caring for God’s earth (e.g. Creation Time, Environment Sunday, Rogation Sunday etc.) are celebrated in our church:

At least annually. We have a regular monthly Eucharist and also have many other services and occasional offices that have the Eco Church twist.

2. The hymns and songs (and liturgies if used) in our church services enable us to celebrate God’s creation:

At least quarterly A monthly Eucharist has an Eco Church liturgy and focus.

3. Our church prays for environmental issues

At least twice a month at the Echochurch Eucharist and at the Eco Church gathering.

4. Caring for God’s earth is preached in our church

At least Monthly in some form at the Eco Church Eucharist


5. Our church hosts guest speakers from A Rocha UK or other Christian environmental organisations (e.g. Christian Aid, Tearfund, Green Christian, The John Ray Initiative) to talk about environmental issues

At least annually We recently enjoyed a visit from Stephen Dominy, our Christian aid rep

6. Caring for God’s earth features as a teaching theme in our church’s youth work:

Not applicable: unfortunately at the moment the church has no dedicated youth work, but our Eco Church Eucharist and gathering are all family-friendly, and families do attend. We also find that families come to the occasional offices with an Eco Church theme.

7. Caring for God’s earth features as a teaching theme in our church’s children’s work:

Not applicable for the church but we are developing work with the schools

8. Caring for God’s earth features as a focus of small group study in our church:

At least annually. Our small groups often debate our personal environmental impact as a part of our ongoing discipleship.

9. Our church’s communications (e.g. newsletters, service sheets, magazines, social media etc.) include items relating to the theme of caring for God’s earth

At least annually. All the time, every month.

10. The leadership have made a formal commitment to improving the environmental credentials of our church by endorsing the undertaking of work towards an Eco Church Award:

Yes it is in our minutes and on the agenda of our PCC.

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