A rally for the Earth

Spoken at the Rally

‘Massive global issues, Huge difficulties in knowing what to do for the best, we know the problem but there are so many different solutions.

But there is one area where we have ALL the POWER

In the 1970’s Christian Aid, following the teachings of Jesus, launched an anti consumerist campaign highlighting worldwide poverty with the tag line being the words of Mahatma Gandhi….


Here is were we have all the power and control…. it is time to stop consuming.. to stop SHOPPING….. IT IS TIME FOR REVOLUTION.

Because a revolution it is…..

Everything, our whole lives are consumed by Consumption, we are manipulated by advertising, controlled by this economic machine and dis-empowered by our educational systems. We can no longer amuse ourselves, develop our creativity or find the love in each other that we so desperately need…

But all the change we need is in our hands.

I just love that the young people are saying NO, that hey have seen through the illusion of material wealth and status and are saying that they want a world with different values.

There is no doubt that we have a mountain to climb and that only a complete revolution at our core will do, but we can start that resistance right now in every choice we make.

We can stop buying useless STUFF! We can work less, travel less and in doing so we can value what we already have, share quality time with those we love and reclaim our God given creativity.

I know that many of you have been part of this movement all your lives as I have but it feels like there is a wind of change blowing, we are at a tipping point.

These rally’s mean nothing, however, unless we make changes at the heart of our own lives and in doing so break the chains of the consumerist system.

So lets try again 50yrs on, lets…


For a longer version listen to the sermon below!


Holly’s Poem (Follower of the Way)

The wild at our centre.

I long to get back to the wild.

For the wildness feels like home

The wild in the centre of my being

The wild makes me brave and strong

We look to the wild in desperation

Searching, for answers to come

We look to the wild to tell us, how to get back from where we’ve gone wrong.

For the wild burns fierce, in our centre

The wild bubbles up like a storm

The wild which feeds our senses

The wild which makes me whole

The wild is at our beginning

A fierce roar of a woman as baby born

The wild is at our ending, when, in such great sorrow we are gone

For the wild defends us and moulds us

The wild feeds and upholds us

When we come back to the wild, something stirs deep in our hearts.

We feel a connection, a flame ignites, the wilds bright shining spark.

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