St Mary’s No Dig Sunday

Sermon here

Prayers of Blessing

Today we honour and bless all who tend the soil, who grow and garden

From a window box to a garden, an allotment to a market garden…. we give thanks for the beauty and order all gardeners bring to Gods Garden.

Let us Pray

We Give thanks for the Earth, for the soil, for the miracle of living greenness on which we stand.

We stand in silent Awe as we acknowledge our dept of Love to this thin crust of life.

We Give thanks for all growing things, for every plant and tree, for every weed and lichen, mushroom and flower.

We stand in silent awe as we contemplate the wondrous variety of vegetation all around us.

We give thanks for all living things for the animals of which we are one, for insects and worms, for toads and small mamals, for birds and for humans,

We stand in silent awe as we experience our own bodies, feel the wind that kisses us and rejoice in the life of others around us.

As we bless this garden, we give thanks to God who is life and love.

May it be to all who come here a place of thankfulness, contemplation and the experience of the life that we have been offered in following the way of Jesus….

Life in all its fullness


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