1. Does your church have influence over any land? (e.g. churchyard, community nature reserve)

Yes we have a churchyard

2. The land at our church is managed for the encouragement of native wildlife (birds, animals and plants):


3. We encourage native wildlife on our church land through provision of the following:

Bird Boxes and bug habitats. We are currently undergoing a full year audit of the land with a view to learning about the biodiversity, and exploring possible habitat development. As part of our Eco Church gathering we meet in the churchyard in each season and get a feel for what is there – from glow worm and bird watching to a full survey of the plants. We are working towards a plan for boxes, hotels and habits.

4. Stocked wildlife feeding stations are present on our church land (e.g. bird feeders, bird tables):

Yes, all year round in the vicarage garden

5. Our church land contains a pond or wetland area that is good for wildlife:

No but we have plans for this in process, having checked with our insurers, and the contractors and volunteers are primed.

6. We grow plants on our land that benefit birds, bees, butterflies etc.:

Yes we have an enormous diversity of wildflowers and native trees.

7. Our church maintains an area of land for native wildflowers:


8. Our church has researched and established a mowing regime appropriate to the conservation of the grassland and wildlife present:


9. Our church avoids the use of harmful chemicals (pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers) in the management of our land (excluding paths and driveways):


10. Our church participates in responsible native tree planting schemes in accordance with guidance from environment professionals:

Yes. We have successfully obtained a community pack of thirty native hedgerow shrubs from the Woodland Trust, to plant in March 2020, which will be planted with their advice.

11. Our church undertakes wildlife (birds, animals and plants) surveys on our land:

Annually (or more)

12. Our church participates in a scheme, other than Eco Church, designed to promote conservation on church land (e.g. ‘Living Churchyards’)::


13. We grow fruit and vegetables on our land (including in planters, window boxes etc. as well as in a community garden/allotment):

No, not yet. But this certainly something that we are working towards

14. Composting facilities are available on our church land:


15. Our church actively encourages members to use church land for recreation/contemplation (e.g. picnics, prayer etc.):

Yes we have a Labyrinth and many people visit for the tranquillity of the space.

16. Our church actively encourages members of the local community to use the church land for recreation/contemplation:

Yes see above

17. Our church has established a management plan for the land for which we are responsible:

Yes but this does need developing as a written document

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