Update on Plastic

Inspired by the recent Plastic attacks at Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s and the growing concern our the amount of single use plastic about Eco church has committed to helping us all make the shift. The Motto has always been REDUCE, REUSE….. and then RECYCLE. We are concerned with the first 2 aspects and are finding that people are really interested and excited by the possibility of changing the way they shop.

Do look out for the next plastic attack advertised here.

It was great fun to do and a real eye opener. We learnt that at Tescos the paper bags were only available for home shopping and that fish in a Tupperware is brilliantly un-messy. We learnt what was cheaper and more expensive in wrapping and without and the whole experience was enlightening.

Helen and I also went all the way to Freshwater to be inspired by the community projects going on there. The next few days will bring a blog post that begins to look at what we can do here but this photo is a taster!!!!!

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