Thursday Contemplative prayer

6pm in St Catherines Chapel St Helens

Christian contemplative prayer has been practiced from the earliest days of the faith. There are many forms of contemplation and you will surely find some ‘methods’ easier and more to your liking than others. The suggestion is that you try things and then find the way that suits your particular and individual psyche and inclinations.
This time of prayer has a format that allows us to relax and turn our thoughts inward to God who is the
Ground of our Being
Nothing is required of you and there is no ‘correct’ mode of behaviour, sitting position or response.
You may find it easier to sit still if you are comfortable so please find that comfort on a chair or on the floor.
6 pm Gathering music
6.05 Introduction to a method of
contemplation or reflection
on a spiritual practice
6.15 Guided stillness
6.20 Bible reading followed by
6.45 Optional sharing
6.50 Music and quiet leaving
(If you wish to talk to someone after the prayer time do please see the leader of the gathering)
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