1. Our church organises events providing an opportunity for local people to engage with local leaders on local environmental issues (e.g. local MPs, AMs or council leaders)

Less often Conversations are beginning with the Parish council

2. Our church (either alone or as part of a local network) engages with our local MP, AM, local council or Public Service Board on environmental matters:

At least annually As individuals and as a church we have lobbied our MP and have advertised petitions and lobby events.

3. Our church arranges for local environmentalists to speak in our services:

At least annually. This will be arranged for the Spring. We have local environmentalists talking to us at the Eco Church gatherings.

4. Our church (either alone or as part of a local network) works with local sustainability movements like Transition Towns:

Yes. Members of Eco Church are beginning to explore the idea of a transition town movement for Ryde which is our nearest town. We are supporting this movement and some of us have been to listen to Rob Hopkins the founder of the movement and were inspired.

5. Our church (either alone or as part of a local network) organises environmental awareness-raising events (e.g. film evenings, Fairtrade events etc.):

Yes We are running a plastics awareness program with a refill station and workshops as well as speaking in the schools and working with the scouts.

6. Our church is involved with local conservation work (eg. at an A Rocha UK Partner in Action or RSPB/Wildlife Trusts nature reserve):

Yes Some members are involved

7. At least some of our church members (either alone or as part of a local network) have organised and/or participated in a community clean-up project (e.g. local litter-pick):

At least annually some members have taken part

8. Our church (either alone or as part of a local network) hosts a green fair, showcasing local produce and highlighting local environmental issues:

Less often. This is something that we will be working towards in 2020 as part of a wider Benefice as we develop ecochurch through all the parishes.

9. Our church organises events providing an opportunity for local people to get out and enjoy God’s earth in our local area (e.g. walks, cycle rides etc.):

Regularly we organise walks and outdoor services.

10. Our church either provides or supports a local car-share scheme (this includes members sharing lifts to church):

Yes we do share and are in the process of developing this further.

11. Users of our church premises are encouraged to minimise resource use (e.g. people are trained in reducing energy use, notices about turning off lights are displayed etc.):


12. Our church actively promotes Eco Church to other local churches:

Yes At Chapter level and at the Deanery and diocesan events.

13. Our church has committed to pray for a specific overseas environmental project (for Welsh churches this might be through Wales4Africa):

No we are looking into this through local contacts … looking for a close mutual relationship

14. Our church participates in regular sustainability initiatives (e.g. Carbon Fast, WWF’s annual Earth Hour event):

Yes we do participate in Christian Aid Lent materials which include sustainability and we will be highlighting these activities in our Eco Church services

15. Our church participates in campaigns concerning national environmental issues:

At least annually recently went to the ‘Time is Now’ campaign up in London in March 2019.

16. Our church participates in campaigns concerning global environmental issues:

At least annually yes see above

17. Our church participates in the Tearfund/Cord ‘Toilet Twinning’ scheme as follows:

No Toilets but when we have one it will be twinned and we have already looked into this.

18. Our church keeps the congregation informed about the impact of climate change and environmental degradation on Christian communities elsewhere in the world:

Yes See Christian Aids input into our church

19. Our church financially supports an environmental charity:

Yes ….

20. Our church is registered with the Fairtrade Foundation as a Fairtrade Church:


21. Wherever possible, Fairtrade and/or ethically sourced goods are used at church services and events:

Yes... especially at our Eco Church gathering suppers.

22. Any meals provided by the church use food that is locally grown:


23. Any meals provided by the church use organic ingredients:


24. Any meals provided by the church use food that is animal-friendly:

Sometimes.. there is always a vegetarian and vegan option.

25. Any meals provided by the church use Fairtrade ingredients:

Sometimes all our teas, coffees, sugar and biscuits are fair trade.

26. Any meals provided by the church include a vegetarian and /or vegan option:


27. Our church takes steps to reduce food waste (e.g. through composting all waste, minimising leftovers at church meals, partnering with a local food waste scheme), and we encourage our members to do likewise:


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