What is Eco worship?

This Pentecost we think about how and why we worship as we do here in our traditional churches. We think about the relevance of the liturgies and about the way that we gather, pray and sing. We ask, ‘Were is The Holy Spirit in all we do?’


This sermon is just one attempt to answer this and the New Sunday liturgy picks up some of the themes that we have been exploring.

Sandra’s lovely prayers from this service are also on this site with the liturgy.

So for us worship is often about seeking God within ourselves, each other and in the created order. Helen’s Book review on this site is a wonderful extension to these ideas for worship and shows the depth of discussion that we are having as we seek an authentic expression of our faith.

In the sermon I talk about the ‘evidence’ of Gods Spirit present among us and I have added to this blog the thoughts that were published in our Parish news with reference to the death of our dear friend and Priest Rev Jill Carman.

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