Rosie’s reflection, Poem.

Let’s not forget

Let’s not forget the crescendo of birdsong

As we stopped to listen and paused to breathe in

Fresh, cleaner air; as we lessened pollution

Nature’s recovering; earth’s healing begins.

Let’s not forget the kindness of neighbours

And the blessings we found when we gave and received.

The sense of belonging and standing together

Lessening “I “, more community – “we”.

Let’s not forget those we applauded

The carers, keyworkers and the NHS.

Each showing commitment, service and courage,

Dealing with trauma as the crisis unfurled.

Let’s not forget the many who died

Not a statistic, but each with a name.

Each with a story, a purpose, a value

Leaving a gap, and others heart-broken pain.

Let’s not forget all who are grieving

Their pain is continuous while others move on.

No farewell or sending increases the sorrow

For loved ones departed; grief’s burdens have grown.

Let’s not forget that our world-view was changing

Perspectives were shifting of what we hold dear:

Not things that we hoard, but the ones that we hold;

Life’s precarious but precious, to be lived with great care.

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