Lets not hurry…. a Sermon

As lock down begins to be lifted, I would urge all of you who are vulnerable and shielded to be really careful. There will be a desire by some to ‘get back to normal’, and to borrow a phrase, ‘kick start’ the church. But I hope that we can be sensible and creative here in the Haven Benefice and begin again well and with a view to the future we want for our church and our walk with God.

I was recently introduced to this media paster and I approached with the caution of a true Anglican!! He is really nice, gentle and sincere. His message will not be new to you as we have shared these thoughts many times, but at this moment it is lovely to hear them again flowing back to us from a christian tradition that may be a little different to ours.

I believe that as we resume ‘normal’, this NEW normal needs to have this Rule, or trellis, of the spiritual disciplines embed in it. That means embedded in our structures from PCCs to buildings, from services to prayer times. It will mean that we have to prioritize and to let go… to pick up only that which nourishes the soul and witnesses to, and assists us, in ‘our apprenticeship of Jesus’.

Expect change….. lets meet in the graveyard and create together…. one at a time.

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