The Community garden

However early you start there is always a ‘waiting to put things out’ moment and we hoped to plant last week but worried about the wind. With the easing of a few lock-down restrictions and the warming or the air we felt it was alright for us to get out in the garden and put some work in. We also feel that at this time it will be a lovely resource for families without gardens as they are now allowed to spend time outside.

With help from Shara, our gardening advisor, Christy and I are getting the structure sorted and strimming back pathways and weeding while she plants and plans.

If you would like to help in any way then do get in touch… the garden needs watering every day, weeding and if you have any plants to share, especially flowers, then we would love them. We will be at the garden on every Wednesday morning (more so as the season progresses) so if you are able to drop plants of we can plant them then, or just let me know and I will check when watering.

Shara will be drawing up and plan and we will regularly write on the notice board what needs doing and what is ready for harvesting.

Do tell families that you know that this is a FREE garden with the produce available for everyone… what could be nicer that ‘finding a courgette’, ‘eating a warm tomato from the vine’, or ‘picking a pea’ to take home for tea at the end of a walk?

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